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Who We Are?

We are standing high in this Indian human hair Industry due to the repeated patronage from our customers and the long lasting quality of the supplied hair.

To be proud to our self, we have supplied about Million Bundles of hair worldwide

The prime countries we supply are USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Italy.

We cover almost all the countries in APAC, EMEA, LAAM and NAAM

Our Expertise?

Virgin hair we supply are from the Temples of south India, And we are the authorized people to collect.

Quality begins from the source we procure Hair.

All are handpicked individual hair bundles

And we genuinely look for single donors alone

Short hair, Dyed Hair, Damaged hair, Tangled, Shedded are not encouraged.

Why We Are?

We supply to all the other hair vendors in wholesale.

Due to that we have our own network of supply chain

Affordable and quality hairs are the prime attributes of us

So far we haven’t had a chance to refund any money or we haven’t met any dispute

It is the success story of the 20 Years old family business

The Process

  • The hair obtained from Temples are brought to the production area
  • Trained staff washes them with conditioner
  • Then it is dried in natural sun light
  • Based on lengths, textures, and colour they are sorted out
  • The women staff engaged in aligning the hair strands based on the cuticle flow.
  • The flow is always in one direction.
  • It is drawn in work table.
  • So the alignment will be even
  • The Shedded hair will be take an as waste and taken for non Remy hair production
  • Once the quality virgin hair is ready they are tied and taken to wefting.
  • Again our Trained staff washes them with conditioner
  • Mostly it is machine weft and double weft.
  • No Chemicals Involved.
  • These hair bundles can be dyed, Bleached, Heat treated etc.
  • Only the natural, human hair is in use No Artificial Mix
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